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OPTOMETRI UKM KESIHATAN are committed to excellence by providing outstanding customer service and quality products. Our trained, licensed and skilled optometrists have extensive experience to assist you in selecting exactly the right eyewear to suit your needs. We also welcome customers with eyeglass prescriptions from doctors outside Optometri UKMK.

We provide prompt response to inquiries, free adjustments, minor repairs, and complimentary cleanings.

We carry a wide variety of fashionable sunglasses such as Oakley, Coach, Prada, Rayban and prescription glasses. Among many lens options, we offer Essilor and Hoya progressive lenses, transitions, anti-reflective coatings and prescription polarized sunwear.

Our pricing is extremely competitive, and we offer many pricing options depending on the needs and desires of the patient

We pride ourselves on our attention to personal needs, the quality of our work, and the knowledge and experience of our staff. Our shop prides itself on understanding and meeting your every need by delivering the highest quality service, with the goal of maintaining a long-lasting relationship with you.